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24 June 2007 @ 12:31 am
strange things....  
So, today was interesting. I started getting a pretty bad headache in the middle of our break this afternoon. I'm thinking it's because I was dehydrated....is water addiction possible? Anyway, so that sucked, but we got out for our street teaming, and I was a little nervous (kinda spas-ed a little before one of the first places we went in) but doing ok. Then...we had planned to catch people who were leaving 'Sicko' to get them to come to this debate thing. WELL...once a few of them actually started walking out of the theater, I honestly started flipping out. Tearing up, hard time breathing, adrenaline kind of stuff. So...I did the smart thing and walked away from it and let them have at it. It was really scary though, because I don't feel like I've ever let myself get that freaked out about anything. I usually stop it once the discomfort starts, NOT after full fear is onset. So I called my dad and he helped a lot...calming me down and trying to help figure out how to talk to my supervisor about this tomorrow because I can't do this all summer. We'll see.....it was scary though, and frustrating at the same time.
Now I'm just too tired. Gonna sleep, maybe run in the morning? Long day tomorrow but I'll hopefully get to see Kyle and Erica at the end of it....